AGNOSCO DATES 5/28 – 6/04 It’s a Great Time to Visit Tokyo!

Many new links have been added to aid travelers coming to Tokyo for AGNOSCO (links are located down the page on the right side, just below the three Rotation photos and the gallery map). Among the links are topics on: great and affordable hotel accommodations; transportation from Narita airport and around the city on Tokyo’s world-class rail systems; also listed are the many exciting seasonal events and activities happening in and around the Tokyo region during the AGNOSCO exhibit dates May 28 – June 4.

Tokyo's famous Skytree alongside a summer rainbow in 2013 (Nila Gopaul photo)

Tokyo’s famous Skytree alongside a summer afternoon rainbow in 2013. The Skytree opened in 2012 and is 634 meters high. It’s one of Tokyo’s top tourist attraction and is the world’s tallest free-standing broadcast tower.  (N. Gopaul)

As Spring fades into summer, this is a great time to visit Tokyo. The weather is fine, and the summer Basho (sumo tournament) is at its peak. Hey, did you know there is a new Yokozuna (Grand Champion) in Japan? Flowers are in full bloom all around the city (Japan has a deep gardening culture). The Asakusa Sanja Matsui (parade) is a huge spectacle of Shinto tradition; a big deal in Japan, and this parade is one of the largest and most exciting. There are music and art events too numerous to list. If you are into Taylor Swift, she is in town (not my bag, but I know she is a pop super star to many). And on the subject of photography exhibits, well, it would be impossible to even see them all in a week in the Tokyo region. From major exhibits at museums, like Cappa at Tokyo Metro (ends May 11) to small underground (and sometimes weird) venues, there are hundreds of photo and art exhibits to see. Tokyo is truly a photography and art exhibit Mecca. If you have been putting off that trip to Tokyo, perhaps this is a great time to take a few days off and come enjoy the exciting big city lifestyle for a few days. And if you already live in Tokyo, well, you still can enjoy all these events in “your” city. Hope you enjoy these links, even if you cannot take time for a trip to Tokyo. But I hope you will! See you in Tokyo!

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