AGNOSCO Exhibition Coming to Yokosuka in 2015

YOKOSUKA, Japan (Dec. 24, 2014) –– Mateo Hevezi’s “AGNSOCO — Spirits Among Us” photography exhibition opens April 15, 2015 in Yokosuka Shi, for his second showing in Kanagawa prefecture.

AGNOSCO premiered in May 2014 in Tokyo, and most recently was hosted in Kamakura at the Kirara Gallery in December.

Mateo’s exhibition in Yokosuka presents selections from his collection of 55 photographs made during ten years traveling the world capturing scenes of god as seen in the natural world.

Mateo, 48, is based in Kanagawa, but grew up in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. He has lived in Japan, on and off, more than six years, including four years in Okinawa prefecture, where he served as a Marine Corps photographer, writer, historian and photography instructor.

Outside mainland Japan, he has exhibited his work in New York, San Diego, Houston and Okinawa.

“My goal with this exhibition is to give the audience pause, a powerful mental encounter with the visual spiritual realities that surround us in everyday life,” he said of the AGNOSCO exhibition. “Too often, especially in modern society, people get distracted from the obvious signs and signals from the gods and spirits which are always present, sometimes right there under our noses.

“I hope people see this work and then really contemplate what is truly important in life … take a break from all the technology that is overtaking the world. It would be nice if these photographs inspire people to stop more often to recognize the amazing things that are beautiful gifts from the natural world. There are so many daily miracles delivered from plain nature — god — everywhere on this fantastic planet,” Mateo said.

AGNSOCO is a Latin word which means “to acknowledge.”

The exhibition is a free event.

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