Please become a sponsor of the AGNOSCO exhibition and have your name or business featured on a full-page group listing inside the front cover of the AGNOSCO sales guide, which will be available at gallery showings as well as in downloadable .pdf format via this website.

Sponsor opportunities to be listed in the sales guide will end soon, when the guide is sent to printer.

Your contribution will help the artist defray production costs for this exhibit as well as demonstrate your support for an independent artist who is introducing a unique vision and style to a worldwide audience.





For more information about becoming a sponsor to the AGNOSCO exhibition or to submit your sponsor request, please send an email to: agnoscoexhibit@juno.com

To become a sponsor right now, please contribute your sponsor funds at the following link:

Sponsor AGNOSCO Now

The artist wishes to acknowledge and thank the following special individuals, companies, communities and organizations for their sponsorship, support and assistance in making this exhibition possible:



BRONZE SPONSORS: Mr. Landon Hutchens, Ms. Lorraine Walsh(x3), Mr. Anthony Pugliani, Mr. Robert Inabinette, Ms. Som-O Anyapakorn(x3), Mr. Gamal Awad, Mr. Andrew Salle, Ms. Jacqueline Skarr, Ms. Chari Cole.

Supporters: Bloom Pro Lab, Hotel New Koyo, Fuji Color Lab-Kamakura, Speedy Copy-Bangkok, Ms. Glom Satajutha, Kurihara Gallery, Mr. James Hevezi (dad), Ms. Julie Hawthorne, Mr. Martin Hevezi, Mr. Drew Meyers, Ms. Kathy Dobie, Mr. James Hamilton, Mr. J Ford Huffman, Mr. Braxton and Ms. Joy Plunkett, ELM Housing (Ms. Teiko), Tsukui Business Hotel, Ofuna Chample, Kamakura Chample, Mr.Steven and Evan Strong, Ms. Auntie Beve, Viman House, Mr. Atilla Flink, Mr. Ken Kimura, Master Venus Shot Bar, Mama Asoko, Mama Ai Chan, Master Hachi Paradise, Mama Jessica, Mama Maido, Master Kadoya, Windy Cafe (Ms Izumi), the communities of Shiomidai, Sanocho, Kinugasa, Ofuna, Kamakura, Nihon Zutsumi, Minowa, Glebe NSW. There are many many others who I could thank here, you know who you are. Thanks to all, you made this possible! And of course, I give thanks to all the gods who revealed to me such fantastic mysteries along the way.

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