AGNOSCO Exhibition Opens December 2-13 at Cafe Windy

In Asia, the dragon is a powerful spiritual icon, a god force which can often be seen in the sky and elsewhere when we look. Can you "enter the dragon?" [Sai Gon, Viet Nam, 2013]

In Asia, the dragon is a powerful spiritual icon, a god-like force which can often be seen in the sky and elsewhere when we look. Can you “enter the dragon?” This photo will be on display along with others from the AGNOSCO collection December 2-13 at Cafe Windy in Kinugasa, Japan. [Sai Gon, Viet Nam, 2013]

KINUGASA, Japan (Nov. 12, 2015) — Mateo Hevezi’s exhibition of spiritual-themed photographs titled “AGNOSCO — Spirits Among Us” is scheduled to open here December 2-13 at Cafe Windy’s second-floor photo gallery.

Cafe Windy was opened in 1985 by Ms. Izumi Fujikura. She only began exhibiting photography and other mixed-media arts in August 2015 inside her quaint cafe alongside the Hirasaku river, which also features live events such as acoustic musical performances, fashion shows, and multi-ethnic dance recitals.

Ms. Fujikura said she decided to exhibit photographs in her cafe due to the interest in photography among her customers, many of them artists.

“I want my cafe and gallery space to be a place where artists can meet, relax, and talk to each other about art. Many people have talent in art, so I started doing exhibitions because artists need a place to show their art,” Ms. Fujikura said.

In 2014, Hevezi premiered his AGNOSCO exhibit at the Kurihara Gallery in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district. The AGNOSCO exhibition has also been shown at Kamakura’s Kirara Gallery, and Hirabayashi Cafe Gallery in Yokosuka.

Hevezi, 49, is an American-born independent artist and photography instructor who grew up in the San Francisco California Bay Area and served 18 years in the U.S. Marine Corps as a combat correspondent.

He has been based in Kanagawa Prefecture for the past three years where he exhibits his work and teaches advanced photography to a small stable of students.

The 55 photographs in the AGNOSCO collection were produced during 10 years of Hevezi’s travels through America, Mexico, Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Micronesia, Australia, Viet Nam and Thailand.

Cafe Windy is located a 68-kilometer train ride from Tokyo, and is short walk (500 meters) from the Kinugasa train station on the JR Yokosuka Line.

Cafe Windy is open Wednesday – Sunday from 10:00AM to 22:00PM. The cafe is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

The street address is:

2-53 Kinukasasakae-cho (2F)
Yokosuka-Shi, Kanagawa-ken
238-0031 Japan.

Tel: 046-852-4266, 81-46-852-4266 (outside Japan)

Website: (Japanese)

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